4 Drawer Fireproof Vertical File, Legal Size 25"D by FireKing

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4 Drawer Fireproof Vertical File, Legal Size 25"D by FireKing

Model: 4-2125-C

FireKing  4-Drawer Legal file cabinet provides your important records with the protection they need while economizing your space and budget. Features a UL class 350 degree 1-hour fire rating with impact test, a UL-listed high-security Medeco key lock, and 100% gypsum fireproof insulation. Plus, you can choose from black & parchment colors to match your office décor.

UL Class 350 1 Hour Fire Rating

The FireKing cabinet is tested for 1 hour in a furnace with the temperature over 1700°F to simulate a fire that is high concentrated directly on the cabinet. The internal temperature of the file must remain below 350°F for the duration of the test. Paper generally burns at around 450°F.

Explosion Hazard Test

The FireKing file is placed into a furnace preheated to 2000°F for 30 minutes to simulate a cold file cabinet falling into a very hot fire and stay intact.

UL Impact Test

The FireKing file is heated to 1640°F for 45 minutes then dropped onto concrete rubble from a height of 30 feet. It is then turned upside down and reheated 45 more minutes. The file cabinet must maintain its integrity and protect its content for the duration of the test.

UL-listed high-security Medeco key lock

Comes standard with a Medeco high-security key lock on top drawer. Additional and upgraded locks are available. See lock upgrade options on the top right under "Recommended Accessories."

Water Resistance

FireKing files are designed to protect contents from incidental water contact such as building sprinkler systems and fire hoses.

$2,399 each

Dimensions: 1 in × 1 in × 1 in
Weight: 1 lb
Price: $2,399.00