e5 by Mayline

Office Cubicles & Workstations
e5 by Mayline

e5's common-sense approach to building a workspace makes it just as easy to specify private offices as collaborative environments. A variety of freestanding and wall-mounted components let you create near-endless configurations, in colors and finishes that range from traditional to ultra-modern. Use e5 throughout your office to create a unified look, feel and function while enhancing your easy to reconfigure flexibility.

Benching applications make extremely efficient use of real estate while promoting collaboration. e5 makes benching even more comfortable and productive with options for standing-height worksurfaces and overhead storage. Worksurfaces cantilever into position and storage components simply slide and lock into place atop our Technology Walls – the load-bearing equivalent of our Technology Beltways. That's just one of the many easy-to-install touches!

More and more of today's workplaces require a level of collaboration that panel systems just won't allow. e5 delivers the space-saving footprint and expansive power capabilities of a panel solution in an environment that promotes interaction, without the isolating walls. Easy-to-Power features include Technology Beltways and a variety of 8-wire/4-circuit Power Kits that will accommodate even the most tech-intensive environments.

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