Carmel by RFM Preferred Seating

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Carmel by RFM Preferred Seating

RFM’s “ergonomics first” commitment is evident in the Carmel. The unique design with the narrow upper back shell encourages a “shoulders back” posture, which is the way the body was naturally designed to sit. Body-cradling thoracic support is created by adding a special thoracic ridge for optimal comfort. With tractor seats included as standard options, your body will feel the difference Carmel’s ergonomic seating provides.


  • Back design promotes “Shoulders Back” posture, which reduces strain
  • Thoracic support achieved through narrow upper back shell and special Thoracic Ridge
  • Unique design reduces elbow interference with the chair back providing greater freedom of motion
  • Three control options
  • Comfortably accommodates up to 300 lbs


  • Offered in seven seat options including the new 1500 deep tractor seat
  • Articulating headrest available

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